Sparta - Athens Period 6
By Benton Bell and Sam Schoonmaker

Sparta and Athens are similar in many ways and different in many ways. They both are cities in ancient greece but Sparta has a much stronger army. Athens although has a much stronger military. Athens wasnt as intence on the army and military stuff as Sparta. There architecture was very much alike. The women had a lot more rights in Sparta then Athens so the rights in both of the places were a lot different. Sparta and athens were again very much alike and very much different.

1.The women in Sparta had almost all of the rights possible. More
2.The men were away most of the time, so women had to be trained to defend the city.
3.Any children born had to be healthy, strong and look like a reguler baby, no defects. More
4.Sparta's army was so strong, some armies that are bigger than them would run away in fear.
5.Spartan's thought that the best way to have security and protection was to have every man be in the army.
6.Even the king had to prove himself to be worthy enough to show that he was fit for the job.
7.When a male child was born in sparta, they were washed in wine rather than water, to see if it induced a fit which in turn was a mandatory test for the child's strength. More

Jobs in Sparta:
There where really no jobs for men execpt to be in the army. Women had to cook and take care of newborns. Slaves did most of the farming, sewing and preperations. Young kings had to prove themselfs by lasting a a certian time in the wild, or killing a certian type of animal, and belive it or not, they did this in just underwear!
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Ancient Spartan architecture.

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1.The city, Athens, got its name from the goddess, Athena, the goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory.
2.Unlike Sparta, Athenian women had no rights whatsoever.
3.Athenian men only had to serve in he military for 2 years, not most of their entire life.
4.Boys were taught reading and writing while girl were taught spinning and domestic duties.
5.Athens was an acropolis, a city built on a high hill.
6.Only the males in Athens were citizens. More
7.Some slave masters allowed their younger slaves apprenticeships in their workshops; eventually the slaves wares and income would add to their masters wealth.

Jobs in Athens:
Like Sparta, being in the military is considered a job in Athens. But there is many other jobs in Athens too, such as musian and a scribe. Women had to do all of the house work and take care of the children. There was little slaves, so some men had to do exrta work, or their job was working for someone else.

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Ancient Athens architecture.

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The Peloponnesian War
It's one of the most important wars in the history of greece, and it lasted from 431 B.C.- 404 B.C. Thats 27 years at war!! It wasn't just the Spartans who killed some of the Athenians, it was during this time a plague came and took 1/3 - 2/3's of the population in Athens. It was because of this, the Spartan's didn't attack so they could be healthy enough to fight when the Athenians recover.

Map of ancient Greece
Map of ancient Greece
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